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GripAble Home – measurable, mobile and motivating training for the hand and upper limb.

The handheld GripAble device connects to an app on a tablet, where you can follow engaging training activities – or simply count your reps – with a focus on different aspects of grip, hand and wrist movement. Through these fun and engaging activities, GripAble aims to help people stay motivated with their rehab activities.

Your therapist can set you personalised training programmes and you can see real-time feedback, as well as sharing your daily activity reports with your therapist.

Based on intuitive, fuss-free technology, you can get set up in minutes – and our friendly team is available for support throughout the process.


Personalised training programmmes and goals
Track your activity and count your reps
Portable, lightweight and mobile
Share training activity with your therapist

Engaging activities that aim to keep you motivated with your training

Studies show that the more repetition and strength training a person performs, the greater their chance of restoring movement and, ultimately, their independence. Yet a lot of rehab tools and therapies are either inaccessible and too expensive or, at the other end of the scale, unmotivating and unmeasurable.  And this makes motivation hard to maintain when hundreds of repetitions are needed every day.

GripAble holds the key to unlocking your motivation!

How it works

Have a GripAble Home dispatched quickly with premium courier service

Inside each beautiful GripAble box, you’ll find the handheld device and a high-powered tablet with the GripAble app and all the activities pre-loaded. Also in the box is a Quick Start Instruction Guide, all the necessary straps plus cables for the tablet.

Get going with your training in just a few minutes.

With GripAble you can train independently, wherever you are

GripAble has been designed with remote rehab at its heart to enable ongoing training at home, even when face-to-face therapy isn’t possible. GripAble is highly sensitive meaning it can pick up even the smallest of finger movements and grip strength – and then support you to progress through your training.

Your therapist can set you personalised programmes and daily goals, and you can see real-time feedback as well as sharing your activity reports with your therapist.

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Have a GripAble dispatched via premium courier service, with full support to get you set up quickly.

Are you a therapist?

GripAble Pro

A therapist-led innovation to use in clinic and in the community.