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“This is one of the most innovative and versatile, evaluation and treatment interventions in the world of rehabilitation today.”

Jim Wagner OTD, OTR/L, CHT, CPAM, CSCS Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist

Serious. Fun. Rehab.

• Engage patients and drive satisfaction 

• Improve patient adherence and outcomes

• Carry out and document codes with the highest reimbursement potential

GripAble is being used in locations and settings across the US

Order your GripAble Pro today.

GripAble is distributed in North America by Medline’s specialist team. To purchase GripAble Pro for your setting or to request a one-month trial, please follow the link below.

Engaging activities

  • Fun and motivating activities to meet clinical goals 
  • Multiple activity levels to grade the patient
  • Assess each individual’s ability and then set the activities to match their ability, adjusting as they progress

Goal Setting and Achievement Tracking

  • Set goals by minutes of training or repetitions
  • Generate objective progress reports to motivate patients and report to payers
  • Monitor patient activity done remotely

Hand Function Tests

  • Clinically proven grip strength test with published clinical norms 
  • Ability to test grip in a number of different ways, including single maximum grip strength, rapid exchange, and endurance
  • Easy, stress-free recalibration in under a minute
GripAble has a simple goal: to make rehab more accessible and effective. We focus on making products that are easy to use, affordable, and engaging. We started our journey with a product focused on grip strength because we believe it is the most informative data point relating to human functional health- from being a foundational function of self care, to being a biomarker of overall well-being. We have collected millions of high-impact data points, empowering us to better understand how to engage patients and maximize their functional well being. We have also built one of the largest and most up-to-date databases on grip strength.
The GripAble team is driven by a desire to deliver simple and effective technology into the hands of the people that need it most. GripAble has the unique opportunity to be used by every single person coming into contact with the healthcare system globally, giving us the ability to not only change the face of physical rehabilitation, but also of healthcare as a whole.

Read some of the GripAble research papers and resources

Modernising grip dynamometry – Mutalib et al 2022

Inter-instrument reliability between GripAble and Jamar. 


Accurate, sensitive and robust – Mace et al 2022

GripAble: An accurate, sensitive and robust digital device for measuring grip strength. 


Self-directed exergaming – Broderick et al 2021

Self-directed exergaming enabled this stroke inpatient cohort to increase repetitions 8-fold, compared to standard 


Collaborative gaming for physical training – Mace et al 2017


Democratizing neurorehabilitation – Rinne et al 2016


Optimising self exercise scheduling – Lotay 2018


Elasticity improves handgrip performance – Mace et al 2017


How strong are you? And why does it matter? – Goldsmith 2021

Grip strength has long since been used as a measure by therapists to understand function



Do I need to have wifi to use GripAble?

Certain functions, like creating an account and syncing data, require wifi.  But the majority of the app functions, such as training, work without wifi

Can I use the app with my own tablet?

The GripAble app can be downloaded on to an Android tablet via the Google play store and to an iPad via the Apple app store.


How do I clean my GripAble device?

You can use any alcohol-based wipe to clean the device. Alternatively, use soap on a damp piece of dressing gauze / J-cloth or equivalent. The device is splashproof but not waterproof so you should not immerse it in water.

Can GripAble be used with children?

Some customers have chosen to use GripAble with children. This video contains some examples.

Please note that you must be aged 18 years or older to set up a GripAble account. If you are a parent or guardian of a child under 18, then you may create an account and allow your child to use GripAble under your direct supervision. Our terms and conditions explain more here.

Is GripAble a Medical Device?

GripAble is registered with the FDA as a Class II 510-K exempt medical device.

Is GripAble Durable Medical Equipment?

GripAble is not classified as DME.

Who can buy GripAble?

GripAble is currently available for purchase by clinicians.  We anticipate being able to sell to patients with a prescription in the near future.