Stroke survivors review GripAble

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Stroke survivors from the Different Strokes community have been putting GripAble to the test!

We recently had the privilege of inviting two stroke survivors from the Different Strokes community to trial GripAble at home and share their thoughts with us.

Pam and Tom took our mobile assessment and training device, which is designed to help people work on their arm movement and grip strength, home for a month to see how they got on with it.

Tom was 19 when he had his stroke in September 2019. Initially, his whole left side was affected (he is right-handed); this is now back to about 70% of its pre-stroke function, but he continues to have a lack of sensation and dexterity.

Pam had a stroke in October 2015, aged 51. She was very badly affected and spent four months in hospital.  She has since made a gradual recovery but has continued weakness down her left-hand side; she is left-handed.

“They have put a lot of thought into this, including the little things like the charging point being magnetic so you only need one hand to do this. I like that it adapts and takes your assessment every seven days, and I like that there are 20 levels to all the games.  In fact, I like it so much that I have bought it!”

Read the full review here on the Different Strokes website.

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