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The Importance of Keeping Our Hands Fit and Strong

Our hands have a variety of functions, and are an essential component to manipulating, communicating, gripping and feeling sensations. It’s no surprise that our hands are an incredibly complex tool; with 27 total bones, 6 ligaments, 34 muscles and many nerves and blood vessels.

Without our hands we wouldn’t be able to perform a lot of the everyday tasks that contribute to high quality of life. From eating, dressing, expressing ourselves through gestures, and more creative outlets such as arts and craft or construction, keeping our hands fit and strong will ensure that we can continue to engage in our valued activities. 

Contributes to Better Finger Strength and Support

Exercising our hands contributes to finger muscle strength as well as strong stable wrists which supports greater overall grip and control. Alongside greater strength, endurance and dexterity, exercising our hands can also:

  • Strengthen the muscles around the joints of the hand for greater support during activities
  • Increase circulation, oxygenating and delivering nutrients to the tissues of the hand 
  • Support circulation of synovial fluid to lubricate the joints
  • Increase range of motion and reduce stiffness
  • Relieve pain 


Helps with a Keen Sense of Proprioception

Proprioception refers to the body’s ability to perceive its own position in space. Humans have the unconscious knowledge of how the body is positioned and moving whilst undertaking an activity. For example, when picking up a glass of water, your hands will automatically adjust the grip strength and force of movement required to bring the glass up to your mouth depending on the weight of the drink. 

This ability doesn’t come easy for everyone, especially those who have been injured or are approaching an older age where motor skills and balance might not be as strong. Exercising your hands through the use of repetitive movements can support recovery from injury and remediate functional decline in older age.


Helps You Adapt to New Ways of Exercising

Outside the exercises that come with the everyday use of our hands, those who need or want the additional movement can do so through improved methods of technology. Here at Gripable we know how important it is to maximise the function of hands to improve overall health and wellbeing. The handheld GripAble device connects to an app on a tablet, where you can assess your ability  and play a range of engaging games and activities that focus on training different aspects of grip, hand and wrist movement.

Through these fun and engaging activities, GripAble can help individuals stay motivated and make it so you can visually see the positive impact of real-time feedback. Although there are a variety of ways to strengthen your grip, using a device can help you achieve and set new goals from the comfort of your home.

It’s no surprise that our hands are essential tools for most daily functions. Whether you work a strenuous job, recovering from an injury, or are reaching an older age where hand movements are becoming more difficult, it’s vital to prioritize a visit to a therapist to learn about the ways you can keep your hands strong.