GripAble expands clinical team with experienced hand therapist hire

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We are delighted to announce the appointment of experienced hand therapist Liz Gwynne to the GripAble clinical team.  

An occupational therapist with more than 10 years’ clinical experience across both NHS and private practice, Liz joins GripAble from Spire St Anthony’s Hospital where she was a hand therapist working with patient referrals from trauma and orthopedics, plastic surgery, rheumatology, and neurology, across a range of acute and chronic conditions.

Liz joins the GripAble as a lead therapist in the clinical team that is headed up by GripAble clinical director Nicola Goldsmith. Liz will support occupational therapists and physios to apply and incorporate the GripAble platform into their patient treatment and rehab regimes.

“I want to be part of the future of occupational therapy and physiotherapy, and my new role at GripAble offers me the ideal opportunity to do just that, by guiding and supporting fellow therapists on using GripAble’s smart platform to help patients reach their rehab goals,” Liz says.

“Through my clinical experience, I have gained a clear understanding of how debilitating loss of hand function can be for patients, and the impact it can have on physical and emotional wellbeing. GripAble’s digital technology and service is therapist-led and takes into account the challenges both patients and therapists face when building motivation and engagement into a rehab regime. By supporting and guiding therapists on how to maximise the potential of the GripAble platform, I aim to help them achieve greater efficiency in their workflow as well as improved outcomes for their patients.”

GripAble clinical director Nicola Goldsmith adds:

“I am thrilled to welcome Liz to GripAble and the clinical team. Her in-depth, on-the-ground experience, clinical expertise, and passion for driving the medtech revolution within occupational therapy and physiotherapy make her the perfect fit for the role. We are continuing to grow our multidisciplinary team of experts at GripAble to help us reach more healthcare professionals and support them in implementing evidence-based practices and delivering efficient and effective therapy programmes for people with upper limb disorders.”

More about GripAble

GripAble is an award-winning technology company developing an end-to-end digital platform for assessment and gamified rehabilitation for people with physical and cognitive disabilities. The company has been developing its solution over the last eight years in consultation with thousands of occupational and physical therapists and patients across multiple clinical conditions and leading academic institutions, including Imperial College London. GripAble launched its mobile app along with its first hand-held sensor in 2020, focusing on supporting those undergoing upper limb rehabilitation. 

GripAble is currently recruiting for a neuro-rehab occupational therapist or neuro-rehab physio. To find out more, please click here.