The GripAble Product should not be used until its use has been approved by a referring medical professional who has a clear understanding of the patient’s past medical history, medical illnesses and diagnosis.  These are the typical precautions that any health care provider should be aware of before performing strength tests, range-of-motion assessments, or movement-based rehabilitation.

Patients with a history of epilepsy, motion sickness, vestibular disturbance or altered sensory pathways should consult a medical professional before using the GripAble Product as it may trigger symptoms related to the above. If patients do experience any of these, or any other, symptoms while using the GripAble Product they should consult a medical professional before continuing to use it. Extra care needs to be taken when using the GripAble Product with patients experiencing pain or pain disorders.

The GripAble Product should not be used in the following cases:

  • For diagnosis purposes
  • Uncontrolled photosensitive epilepsy
  • Until resisted grip is recommended by your medical professional following tendon repair or transfer, fracture or ligament repair
  • During a flare up stage (inflamed joints) for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other inflammatory disorders
  • Oedema/Edema or excessive swelling in response to injury or inflammation
  • A medically unstable or serious medical condition limiting physical rehabilitation
  • Respiratory and/or cardiovascular disease preventing mild-to-moderate exercise
  • Fracture, dislocation or surgical procedure where movement will worsen recovery
  • Advice from user’s physician to refrain from moderate hand or arm exercise
  • Skin lesions, open wounds, swelling, infections or inflamed skin on the hand
  • Known antibiotic-resistant infections
  • Local insufficiency (insufficient blood flow) in the hand or arm
  • Occlusion (blood flow blockage) in the hand or arm
  • Significant cognitive impairment or inability to follow basic commands
  • Users prone to gaming addiction