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#OTWeek22: GripAble OTs share tips and tricks to ‘lift up your everyday’

In celebration of #OTWeek22 (7-13 November), we shine a spotlight on the occupational therapists (OTs) working within the GripAble team, share their advice for fellow therapists on engaging patients through gamification, and everyday tips and tricks for improving grip strength.

Launched by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT), OT Week is designed to raise the profile of occupational therapy, with the focus of this year’s campaign to ‘lift up your everyday.’

Occupational therapists support people to do the things they want and need to do, and overcome challenges, such as completing everyday tasks or activities.

We are proud to have six practicing occupational therapists working within the GripAble team, with clinical expertise across several specialist therapy areas, including paediatric, neuro, hand, and upper limb rehabilitation.

Their insights are invaluable as we continue work to enhance GripAble to ensure it supports therapists with delivering gold standard therapy to their patients and clients.

From monotony to motivation

For therapists seeking to better engage their patients in their therapy regime, gamified rehabilitation offers a fun, accessible solution that can help patients achieve the high dose of repetitions required for neuroplastic change.

Gamification elements can include point-based systems, leaderboards, and badges, which can all contribute to increasing the level of patient engagement and motivation levels.

Not only can gamified therapy help keep patients motivated, but participation in games can also provide a distraction for patients that are particularly pain conscious.

GripAble has in-built gamification with activities that are designed to help build and maintain motivation. Each activity is designed to allow therapists to address different therapeutic goals and utilise different combinations of grip, release, and movement.

We are proud that GripAble is used by neurological, paediatric, and musculoskeletal therapists in both therapy and community settings across more than 350 locations.

Grip strength tips and tricks

Here at GripAble, we know that improving grip strength can enhance many areas of daily life, especially after illness or injury. Grip strength is also correlated to health ageing, so it’s important to find ways to maintain and build it, no matter what age you are.

Here are our everyday tips and tricks for building grip strength:

• Try baking a loaf of bread – knead the dough and use a rolling pin!
• Use a spray bottle to water your houseplants Try out a new craft like knitting or crocheting
• Peg out your clothes on the washing line
• When washing the dishes, take a moment to wring out the cloth
• Keep writing and typing – whether that is doing a crossword or emailing an old friend

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