UK Stroke Forum, 7-9 December 2020

GripAble was a proud supporter of the UK Stroke Forum earlier this month.

Organised by The Stroke Association, and with more than 1,800 delegates over the three-day conference, our team was delighted to welcome visitors to the virtual ‘GripAble booth’ to chat through how GripAble can help both stroke survivors and their therapists.

One of the key features of the GripAble stand was the chance to win a GripAble Pro device. Exclusive to the UK Stroke Forum, this proved to be a popular competition and we are delighted to announce that the winner is Catherine Macpherson, Speech and Language Therapist in the Community Stroke Team at Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Trust. 

The GripAble Stroke Forum booth also played a short video to explain how GripAble provides an engaging and fun way of completing rehabilitation goals – as stroke survivor and GripAble ambassador Kate Allatt explains in the video: “I was desperate to be back home after my stroke. I would have loved to have had a GripAble – it’s tech that you can access, and it’s affordable.”

GripAble can be used in the hospital or in the home, with therapists able to set goals and provide support – remotely.

To find out more, to request a free trial – or to purchase a GripAble, please email [email protected] and one of our friendly team will be in touch!

About GripAble

GripAble is a two-in-one assessment and training device to help people with weakened hands and arms. Mobile, portable and lightweight, the handheld device connects, via WiFi or Bluetooth, to an app on a tablet, where the user can play fun and engaging activities.

GripAble tracks four key hand movements – grip / release, wrist extension / flexion, radial / ulnar deviation and pronation / supination; repetitions, and minutes of training. The device is highly sensitive and can be used by most people, even those with limited grip or movement.  Easy to set up, GripAble can be calibrated and personalised to each user’s ability.

Physical rehabilitation is critical to restoring quality of life after stroke and many other neurological, orthopaedic and paediatric conditions, and studies show that the more repetition and strength training a person performs, the greater their chance of restoring movement and, ultimately, their independence.  GripAble enables your therapist to set regular goals and provides day by day feedback to help build motivation and engagement with training activities.

GripAble is based on intuitive, fuss-free technology so you can get set up in minutes.

To request a trial or purchase a GripAble please do get in touch.