A clinicians six tip tops for using GripAble

Think outside of the box
Get creative. Consider enhancing your wrist rehabilitation by incorporating cross-training tools like balance boards or resistance bands. Use the immersive activities as a distraction
from pain and consider spicing up group sessions by introducing GripAble for engaging two-player activities.

Take into account the patient’s position
Liberate GripAble from the confines of sitting down! This versatile tool can effectively keep patients engaged and focused on their goals even during bed rest. In supervised sessions
or for patients able to do so safely, consider altering their positions. Tailor the gameplay to simulate daily functional tasks, aligning with the postures necessary for their specific training

Play the activities yourself before prescribing them to your patient
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the activities and their applications for your patients, and learn how to seamlessly integrate them into your therapy practice. Take some time to
explore the app, focusing on utilizing the reporting functionality and goal-setting features to elevate the effectiveness of your therapy sessions.

Observe the patient’s performance and NOT just the screen
Observe your patients during GripAble play to gather valuable information and identify any compensatory movements. Optimize your perspective by standing behind the patient,
allowing for a comprehensive view of both their movements and the screen.

Keep it challenging
Maintain patient motivation by sustaining a challenging environment. Advance through the levels, as higher tiers introduce additional challenges. Regularly assess your patients’
movements to increase demands on resistance and range of motion to challenge their improving abilities.

Educate, Educate, Educate! Ensure your patient knows the importance of their training

Empower your patients by emphasizing that GripAble can elevate training intensity and repetitions, leading to enhanced functional strength and improved daily activities. Educate
them on independent usage and encourage active participation in their therapy. By enabling patients to monitor progress, set goals, and engage in self-practice, GripAble transforms into
a tool for long-term self-management and sustained improvement.

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