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Our vision is to have a GripAble device in the hands of everyone who needs it, wherever they are in the world and wherever they are in their treatment journey.

Science shows that the more repetition and strength training a person performs, the greater their chance of restoring movement, and ultimately their independence. But keeping up with a physical rehabilitation regime when alone, no matter how willing you are, is a grind.

That’s why at the heart of GripAble’s design is turning the rehab grind into fun by training core hand movements in an engaging way to help people along the journey of restored ability. Alongside, GripAble has been developed with a focus on enabling therapists to translate their expertise to the home environment and deliver rehabilitation remotely.

Our multidisciplinary team of therapists, scientists and engineers is driven by a desire to deliver simple and effective technology into the hands of the people that need it most.

GripAble has the unique opportunity to be used by every single person coming into contact with the healthcare system globally, measuring and recording strength from early childhood until end-of-life care, giving us the ability to not only change the face of physical rehabilitation, but also of healthcare as a whole.

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